Nimble Storage CS220G ISCSI Array Initial Install

We received our Nimble Storage CS220G earlier this week. We are hoping for the device to fall into a tier between our EMC CX4 and standard NAS storage systems. Being that we are mostly 10gb at our datacenter, it was a definite requirement. Most other appliances around the same price point did not have any type of storage tiering, so I am also excited about that.

General Specs:

Dual controllers
RAW 12tb
Cache (SSD) RAW 320gb
Quad 10gbE connectivity (2 per controller)

Below shows the Nimble device being un-boxed. I highlighted the SSD drives in green

Nimble Un-boxing

Even though the unit is 3ru in size, they were able to stuff two controllers (heads) into it. Primary is highlighted blue and secondary green.

A small gallery including the racked unit. Notice it is in good company!

~ by Kevin Goodman on August 5, 2011.

14 Responses to “Nimble Storage CS220G ISCSI Array Initial Install”

  1. Kevin – Thanks for the NAS/DC Pr0n, any opinions on the actual product or a review on the way?

  2. Great product so far. Giving it another week in service then review will be coming out.

  3. Looking forward to seeing a review when you have time. :)

  4. HI Kevin,

    Thanks for the pictures. How is Nimble SAN coming along? Any reviews? Performance issues? What are you using the SAN for? Please provide feedback.



  5. I’m also looking forward to seeing that review!

  6. Wondering if you still planned on putting up your review of the Nimble Storage unit. I’d be interested in a real world review and not the sponsered ones I’ve been coming across.

  7. Do you have a review for the product yet?

  8. Nimble is working fine. Still trying to get our DBA to write up a review. Our main SAN is an EMC CX4.

  9. Looking forward to your thoughts and that review!!

  10. You never did post a review of your Nimble with UCS, would love to hear your feedback.



  11. I’m also interested in your final thoughts on the product. We’ve been leveraging the pros and cons of sticking with our existing Equallogic SAN and expanding on it, going with an EMC VNX solution or a CS240. The plan is initially we’ll be using 1GbE, and when our servers are upgraded we’ll switch to 10GbE. I think the only thing that really concerns me vs say our existing Equallogic SAN is the possible lack of an MPIO extension? As in it would just use VMware’s round robin multipathing rather than the Equallogic extension?



  12. Any reviews yet?

  13. Would love to see that review….

  14. Would love to see that reveiw as well…

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