Pictures From Datacenter NAS Refresh (EMC Celerra NX4 and NetApp 3020)

So once again I found myself at the datacenter shuffling around equipment.  These pictures and videos are from our secondary (DR) location.  I was removing our older single headed NetApp FAS3020 and replacing it with a new EMC NX4 system.  Difference here from the “main/production” site is the NX4 there is dual headed and is also 10 gigabit Ethernet attached.

Below are a few videos of the equipment.  Be careful with the sound!  These were taken in the datacenter and you will hear the typical rumbling of servers and AC units.

Video of the NetApp FAS 3020 once removed

Video of the EMC NX4 waiting to go in

~ by Kevin Goodman on October 27, 2010.

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