Linux / Oracle: IBM WebSphere Partner Gateway Oracle Gotcha

I have been wrestling around with IBM WebSphere Partner Gateway for a few weeks now.  There are so many tiny gotcahs out there that can affect the whole installation process.

The main one that got me was integration with Oracle.   An overview of the installation steps are shown below:

  • Install Oracle Client
  • Configure Oracle environment (SID, server)
  • Install WebSphere Application Server
  • Patch WebSphere Application Server
  • Install WebSphere Partner Gateway Application (apps) Database
  • Install WebSphere Partner Gateway
  • Patch WebSphere Partner Gateway
  • So the problem came down to the ‘Database owner name’ and ‘Schema owner login’ being the same.  This typically is not an issue.  The worst part is that the WAS (WebSphere Application Server) and WPG (WebSphere Partner Gateway) installation would both complete successfully. Not only that, they system would run with no errors.

    That being said, once I started the patching process, it would always fail.   So as a last resort, I tried changing the ‘Database user name’ and ‘Schema owner login’ to be different.   Thanks to DBA Eric’s recommendation.  This worked!

    I decided to put this blog up because I could not find any useful information for this when searching.  The patching process is a pain and I might go into more details on it in more blogs later.  Anyone else ran into this issue?

    ~ by Kevin Goodman on October 21, 2009.

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