NetApp: Enabling Deduplication (ASIS) On A Volume

Below shows how to setup NetApp deduplication (formerly ASIS) on an existing volume. The following example is running NetApp Release The license are now free, and were already installed.

Check to make sure the licensces are installed
NAS> license
nearstore_option xxxxxZH
a_sis xxxxxCG

Enable sis (deduplication) on the volume
NAS> sis on /vol/testVol
SIS for “/vol/testVol” is enabled.
Already existing data could be processed by running “sis start -s /vol/testVol”.

Initiate deduplication service
NAS> sis start -s /vol/testVol
The file system will be scanned to process existing data in /vol/testVol.
This operation may initialize related existing metafiles.
Are you sure you want to proceed with scan (y/n)? y

Thu Nov 13 10:01:38 EST [wafl.scan.start:info]: Starting SIS volume scan on volume testVol.
The SIS operation for “/vol/testVol” is started.

NAS> Thu Nov 13 10:01:42 EST [wafl.snap.delete:info]: Snapshot copy sis.93057f3c-aed8-11dd-a6d9-00a09804ad86 on volume testVol NetApp was deleted by the Data ONTAP function dense_delete_snapshot. The unique ID for this Snapshot copy is (44, 156).

Sis status will display the state and running status on all volumes
NAS> sis status

Path State Status Progress
/vol/Shares Enabled Idle Idle for 10:05:52
/vol/testVol Enabled Idle Idle for 08:48:40
/vol/luns Disabled Idle Idle for 2330:43:02
/vol/vm Enabled Idle Idle for 00:09:35

View the status on a specific volume
NAS> sis status /vol/testVol

Path State Status Progress
/vol/testVol Enabled Idle Idle for 00:11:23

After sis completes, use df to show the amount saved and deduplication percentage
NAS> df -sh /vol/testVol

Filesystem used saved %saved
/vol/testVol/ 519GB 754GB 59%

Verify that sis is scheduled to run frequent enough at the times you want
NAS> sis config

Path Schedule
/vol/shares sun-sat@0
/vol/testVol sun-sat@0
/vol/luns sun-sat@0
/vol/vm sun-sat@0

Below is the help output of sis config
NAS> sis help config
sis config [ [ -s schedule ] <path> | <path> … ]
– Sets up, modifies, and retrieves the schedule of SIS volumes.

Reschedule for nightly at 11pm
NAS> sis config -s sun-sat@23 /vol/testVol

Verify the new configuration

NAS> sis config /vol/testVol

Path Schedule
/vol/testVol sun-sat@23

Note: ASIS is not real time deduplication. It is ran on a schedule instead of as the data is coming in. Also, when setting the schedule for a volume, you can only specifiy the hour to start running, in this case trying to specify sun-sat@23:45 did not work when testing.

~ by Kevin Goodman on November 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “NetApp: Enabling Deduplication (ASIS) On A Volume”

  1. Hi, Kevin.
    Can you comment some recent FUD about step-by-step lowering an A-SIS (deduplication) rate at NetApp storages under a VMware, after a time, especially at NFS?
    Some people spreading it, and I try to find a practical men, who used dedupe at NetApp with VMware/NFS for a years.
    Can you comment your experience with dedupe savings rate since 2008?

  2. Hi, great tips.
    I managed to set the SIS a schedule like this:
    sis config -s sat@0,6-12/6 /vol/nfs1_temp_01

    schedule would be: day@scheduled hours,starttime-endtime/frequency

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