Networking / SAN: Cisco MDS 9000 Serial Number (Licensing)

So you need to find the serial number on your Cisco MDS 9000 series fiber switch? This is easy enough, although “show serial number” would have been better.

Quick way to find your serial number.

tstSwitch01# show license host-id
License hostid: VDH=SOZ115568P9

The following will also get the information that you need. I truncated some of the output. The serial number under the “Common block” is what we need.

tstSwitch01# show sprom backplane 1
DISPLAY backplane sprom contents:
Common block:
 EEPROM Size     : 1024
 Block Count     : 5
 FRU Major Type  : 0x6003
 FRU Minor Type  : 0x0
 OEM String      : Cisco Systems, Inc.
 Product Number  : DS-C9124-K9
 Serial Number   : SOZ115568P9
 Part Number     : 73-10565-03
 Part Revision   : A9
 Mfg Deviation   : 0
 H/W Version     : 1.0
 Mfg Bits        : 0
Chassis specific block:
 Block Signature : 0x5601
 MAC Addresses   : 00-0g-tr-46-n3-u6
 Number of MACs  : 64

This is a little easier to read. Here, an include statement is passed to only return lines including “Serial”. We need the first, not second serial number.

tstSwitch01# show sprom backplane 1 | include Serial
 Serial Number   : SOZ115568P9
Second Serial number specific block:
 Serial Number   : JFH2486G4DR

Notes: All actual serial numbers were changed. This process should be the same for all Cisco MDS 9000 series. If using a chassis based MDS switch, make sure to verify if you need the serial of the unit or the actual blade module for licensing.

~ by Kevin Goodman on August 7, 2009.

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